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Waves of rock

A suspended roar, a silent wave of stone to which man has lent his voice for centuries through sculpture, exalting its designs and colors, which have become emblems of beauty and art.

Climbing up “Onde di roccia” (Rock waves): a monument made of sea in memory of an ocean that disappeared but that still shines in the heart of this wave. This is the magic of the Apuan Alps, a geological unicum that overlooks the waters to which it belongs. We will walk on one of the most beautiful miracles of nature.


From the alpine pasture of Puntato to the mouth of Mosceta with ascent to Pania della Croce. 

The alpine pasture, an extraordinary green valley set between the peaks of Mount Corchia, the Pizzo delle Saette and the Pania della Croce. We will cross wonderful beech woods that will lead us to the mouth of Mosceta and its refuge. From the front, in its imposing grandeur you can admire the southwest side of the queen of the Apuan Alps, the Pania della Croce that with its 1,858 meters is the fourth peak in order of height. A short distance away starts the path to the summit, which leads us to the top. On a clear day, the sight is breathtaking to say the least, the view stretches at North on the most important peaks of the Apuan Alps and at South on the Tyrrhenian coast and the nearby Forte dei Marmi. Starry skies, reflections of the moon on the white stone and the unreal silence of the night will accompany us in our bivouacs.



The proposed itinerary is for 3 days but, in the nature and philosophy of our travel, each route can be modulated from 2 to more days according to the needs and the rhythm of “breath” with which you want to cross the Apuan Alps.

Help us to define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


Alpeggio del Puntato - Mosceta - Pania della Croce - Monte Corchia - Pizzo delle Saette


from April to November


... Gliding over things from above, leaving behind the boulders ...


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