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sublime harmonies

The great lesson that the Maremma provides us: 
Fragments of history are made precious by the intensity of the transitory, the sweet, intense and vital happiness of erecting what always escapes.


Badlands, a journey through the continuous struggle between harmony and disorder, between what man tries to subtract from the oblivious and perpetual metamorphosis of a reconquering Nature.

 A battle between the instant and the eternal.

As we walk from the perspective perfection of Massa Marittima, we will be reflected in the geometric calm of the Accesa Lake, whilst listening to distant voices that seem to rise from the ruins of what remains of the villages of these ancient populations. We will investigate around the legends of Dante’s characters, followed by the descent towards the mouth of the river Ombrone and the sea that everything welcomes, finally reaching the uncontaminated park of Uccellina. 

Guided by the very same sensation perceived whilst in presence of great works, we’ll be able to grasp the splendid fragility of beauty that makes the moment eternal, giving us a taste of infinity.


We will start from the orderly elegance and Renaissance beauty of the city of Massa Marittima, utopia of a great bishop, crossing the balanced and horizontal calm of the Accesa lake, subsequently finding ourselves in the presence of a resurrecting nature that reconquers castles and monasteries leaving nothing behind if not the echo of legends and a glimpse of the beauty that once characterized these splendid ruins. A swing that pushes on in infinity. 

We will reach sea guided by the wild banks of the river, embarked on a sailboat navigating between the islands and the mainland, marking our destination at the Uccellina Park where time stops in contemplation of the triumph of nature with its everlasting and changing beauty.

In the nature and philosophy of our travel, each route can be modulated from 2 to more days according to your needs and the pace desired to cross history.


Massa Marittima - Lago dell'accesa - Riparo Cavanna, Castel di Pietra - Eremo si San Guglielmo di Maravalle - Vetulonia - Riserva Diaccia Botrona - Ombrone - Parco dell'Uccellina - Talamone


From April to July

From September to December

Help us to define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


... You have to have chaos inside to give birth to a dancing star.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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