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paths of wines

Wine is myth, history, dialogue, it is the gift of a god and the sacrifice of another, it is culture, it is memory, it is an entire land concentrated in a drop carrying flowers, minerals, sky, sun and everything in time and space.


Wine is a world! It is said “in vino veritas” but it is much more than that because in wine not only does truth emerge but with it the whole history of the West, the entire nature of a place manifests itself condensed in that fragrant liquid magic.

Walking or cycling along the road that crosses the Val d’Orcia and heads towards Montalcino, we will follow the traces of one of the most precious wines: Brunello. We will proceed backwards in time, reliving the dialogues of the Decameron, the Bacchae of Rome, the celebrations of Achilles until reaching our roots.


Starting from Val d’Orcia we will follow the path that passes by Bagno Vignoni and alongside the castle of Ripa D’Orcia, entering the heart of the Brunello territory.

 We will cross these lands towards Sant’Antimo where wine and medieval spirituality intertwine and then take the rustic road that leads to Sant’Angelo in Colle. Along the road is found the Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona estate for a wine tasting experience in a hospitable and authentic environment. 

Continuing through Argiano towards the castle of Poggio alle Mura other wineries and more tales of wine and land await us to be discovered.  In the following stop we will be able to admire the Ombrone river. Going back up again to Poggio Antico our next destination is to be found at Camigliano, a tiny village with a spectacular view. We then proceed in direction of Montalcino passing by Castelgiocondo reaching Romitorio. From there, in company of the thousands of paths crossing the woods, that play hide and seek with light and scents, we will arrive in Montalcino.

Once exited the woods we will find ourselves in direction of North of Montalcino and will take the steep and spectacular Canali road, which leads us to the Church of Madonna del Soccorso where the eye dominates the view of the entire province of Siena. From Montalcino we go down to visit the Fornace and Fornacina wineries, among the few left in the hands of local farmers. In any case, every glass of wine will contain the fragrance of the whole earth.

The proposed itinerary (in E-BIKE) is for 4 days but, in the nature and philosophy of our travel, each route can be modulated from 2 to more days according to the needs of the travelers and the rhythm with which one desires to savour the land.

Help us to define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


Val d'Orcia - Bagni Vignoni - Ripa d'Orcia - Santantimo - Sant'Angelo in Colle - Castello di Poggio alle Mura - L'Ombrone - Camigliano - Castelgiocondo - Montalcino - Romitorio - Chiesa della Madonna 


From April to July and

From September to December


... It is an endless world of growth without end, this world of wine, made more of love than of goals. A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books of the world...

Louis Pateur

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