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Discovering the senses 


Journeys in which every sense moves in search of the taste of the authentic.

These journeys are for those who wish to travel with taste, smell, touch and sight, to lose their senses, only to rediscover them different from before. For those who love to capture the essence of things, to grasp the secrets, the history and the passions that generated them. Movement is only one of the souls behind this journey, once you have taken the first steps, you begin to travel with your gaze, to smell the world, to taste its fruits, to know its traditions, its works and the innovation that the ancestry of each land has been capable of expressing, leaving trace of their passage.



Do you want to treat yourself to a weekend dedicated to the senses? 

Would you like to live a special moment dedicated to taste?

Each of the experiences in these pages as well as many others can be tailored with you according to your desires.

Excursions to discover products, foods and ancient traditions related to the “tasty” aspect of the earth and its culture: a millennial expression made of fruits, flavors, scents and colors.

 Journeys that can be enjoyed not only with the eyes but with all senses.

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