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How long have you been accompanying people on journeys through nature and peoples?

Many of us have been traveling and leading people to the most enchanting corners of the world for more than 25 years.


What types of trips do you offer/organize and accompany?

We offer and organize and accompany unique trips ranging from 1 to 8 or more days. Traveling in small groups on foot and by bike and E-MTB we are able to explore hidden forests, rolling hills, picturesque villages and experience the culture first hand, experience ancient crafts and upon request we can organize adventure oriented groups that can include strong nature and history immersion experiences.


What if we want a private tour?

We specialize in creating private tours tailored to your taste. Let us know your general or specific requests and we will be happy to arrange everything for you. Our wonderful guides, delicious picnics, beautiful trails, comfortable hotels and more are waiting for you! 


How do I apply for a custom trip?

Once you have identified your ideal trip from the site through our travel proposal or asking us to organize a perfect one for you, contact us at In your email you should specify the date you would like to leave, and if the dates are flexible, how many of you there are, but above all the type of trip: means (trek or bike or ebike), type of trip and content, intensity, atmosphere and if you have any special needs.


How do I know what each trip is like?

On the website you will find an overview of each trip and a "customized" form on how to plan with us the trip you want. If you still have questions, please email us at


Who are AlwaysAllways travelers?

Our travelers love nature, the unusual, immersing themselves with the senses in every landscape, in food, being transported by history and getting lost in the imagination of peoples, music and poetry. Our trips are composed of people traveling alone, couples, families with children, friends and friends of friends of different ages and hiking skills often different but always united by the love of discovery.


How many people can a group consist of?

We like to travel with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of twelve participants. However, upon request we can accommodate larger groups by providing a different organization of the trip that guarantees quality immersion.


Do you offer private departures for small groups?

We do. We offer private departures for all types of groups, including couples, groups of friends and families with children.


Can I bring my children?

Yes! If you would like to organize a trip with children, we are happy to do so. Trips with children are often the truest journeys, with no limits, open to curiosity and lessons from mother nature.

With regard to organized trips and program in which it is not expressly indicated "for families", if the difficulty allows it can be customized so as to be suitable for those traveling with their children. Contact us for further information. 


Can I bring my dog on vacation? 

Dogs are welcome on tailor-made trips as we build the itinerary around your dog's needs.


Who are the guides who accompany us?

We personally guide each trip. Check out our About us page on our website! 


What should we bring?

For tailor-made trips we will provide a complete list outlining the clothing and equipment needed for each trip when we send you the fonder with the trip program. For pre-planned trips and excursions you will find basic information on each itinerary sheet and in the trip confirmation that will be sent to you after you complete your registration.


In what kind of accommodation will we stay?

It always depends on how, together, we will organize the trip, for what content, intensity and atmosphere you have opted for (see "customized" tab on the site). In any case, during our research we always select locations and hosts that best allow the authenticity of the experience, the intensity and immersiveness of the trip; we try to look for the best possible accommodations based on the locations where we are and this applies from the thousand star bivouac to the suite in the woods with natural hot springs.


How are the accommodations (lodging and food) paid for? 

In our policy of total transparency, we organize the trip and select mountain huts-resorts and other accommodations based on our deep knowledge of the area, your needs and we contact them for you by offering you the price we negotiate with them but then let you pay for the structure (our work and our passion is to organize a fantastic trip and accompany you, we do not apply any markup on accommodation and food at the facilities).


What kind of food will we find?

We love our food, so we do our best to find the most typical and delicious local cuisine, either in grandma's kitchen or in a quaint restaurant. Even the inspiring picnics in fabulous places during our excursions are made using freshly prepared local produce. according to tradition and the type of immersive experience chosen.


Is it possible to communicate specific dietary needs to the hotels where I will be staying?

We accommodate all types of special dietary needs. When we prepare our picnics we do our best to accommodate everyone. So if you have any special dietary requests, we ask that you specify your needs at the time of travel arrangements (Journey) or confirmation (Experiences a program) and we will communicate them to the facility. 


How do I figure out which Journey to choose? What does "moderate" mean? and "relaxed"?

We design journeys for various rhythms, content and atmosphere.

For Customized Journeys go to the "Customized" section and you will find all the information you need to help us design your trip according to your wishes.

For Programmed Experiences you will find a legend that helps you understand if the trip is what you are looking for and if it is suitable for you.  We have trips for every skill level, from relaxed to wild. These guidelines will help you select the level of adventure that's right for you.


Who took the photos and videos on the website?

We are photographers and all photos and videos were taken by us during surveys along the routes we suggest.


What if it rains during a multi-day trip?

The weather is one of the things that we cannot determine but only predict. Our many years of knowledge of the places helps us to suggest trips at the best times but sometimes even the rain reveals unexpected aspects, you can recognize traces of creatures and meet them along the way.

If you share with us the true spirit of travel, the rain, if it happens, will give us new lights, new perspectives, new encounters: just be properly equipped, and even a walk or ride in the rain can be a reason for new discoveries.

In the trip sheets we always suggest a good waterproof jacket, a poncho or a cape, and in any case we are used to finding solutions to welcome the rain as a fun companion of travel; we recommend you to equip yourself even if the day promises sunshine, especially in spring and autumn. 


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