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the breath of god

Here everything sings a thousand-voiced chorus of ode to beauty.

Impossible not to join in the singing, whatever is our sacred.


The forest of Casentino, a faraway place where even silence has a sound. These forests can be wandered like cathedrals: the attentive gaze of the path naturally rises to the sky following the trunks of centuries-old trees, this is its eternal and immutable charm. And in this union between nature and spirit we will meet places where history, myth and legend are intertwined to give life to something unique, where from mountains torrents and waterfalls descend, where in the shade of the forests rest hermitages and monasteries, and where the ridges meet the winds of the two seas.


600 km of paths between panoramic ridges, ancient forests, ancient mule tracks, and a strong spirituality that every creature of these woods emanates, where saints, poets and hermits have sought and found their infinite. Walk the many paths that mark this mountain in search of its natural beauty and the many signs left by man in times long gone and recent. Routes that suggest to proceed without haste to find that more intimate and truer dimension that sometimes seems lost. Walking through the Sacred Forests of Casentino and Vallombrosa does not only mean going through some of the oldest and most uncontaminated woods in Europe, but also diving into Middle Ages full of light and a spirituality that invite to steps that become poetry, to thoughts that enter the soul of things. From a ridge to a hermitage, between Dante, San Romualdo, San Francesco, everything contributes to feed a feeling of Sacred that gives strength to the path and depth to the thought.


In the nature and philosophy of our travels, each route can be modulated from 2 to more than 7 days according to your needs and the pace at which you wish to immerse yourself in time.

Help us to define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


Lago di Ponte - cascate dell’Acquacheta - Borgo Castagno d'Andrea - Grotta Urlante - Lago degli Idoli - Monte Falterona - Foresta Sassofratino - Eremo di Camaldoli - Buca delle Fate - Vallesanta - Monastero di La Verna


Each month holds different aspects and colours for us, depending on the season.

304126.jpg the light frees the space that becomes a timeless place...


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