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an awaiting world 

The Crete Senesi are one of those rare places where, if you know how to slow down, you can perceive the inexorable metamorphosis of the world.

The “Crete”, a land in waiting. This is the feeling that pervades crossing these deserts, waiting for rain, noise, movement, everything seems suspended, out of time, a motionless dance on sensual hills. In this waiting, its curves, its light and its calm, envelop us step by step until we slow down breath and thoughts.


Sense of awaiting... silence ... breath ... these are the notes along which our journey takes place, hill after hill the colors of the seasons fade, cypress trees dot the horizon, imposing houses remain perched on steep slopes, the sunlight that cuts and blurs the boundaries between things and sky.


In order to grasp such wonder, we will cross deserts of clay, flounces of light, weaves of colors that slip into each other.

But it is impossible to explain with words the immense feeling of expectation that this land exerts to those who have never been. The space, the sense of immobility, the wind, an air so clear and devoid of humidity that everything in the shadows disappears and all which illuminated glows with an unreal light...the deep space in which the gaze extends and provokes the estrangement that animates the stories, ignites the imagination, and inebriates our desires. But words are not enough...

Help us to define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


Asciano - Monte Oliveto Maggiore - Crete senesi - San Savino - Trequanda, San Giovanni d'asso - Monteroni d'Arbia - Buonconvento - Ponte d'Arbia - Mucigliani - Deserto di Accona 


From March to June

From September to November


"When all is silence things begin to speak; stones animals and plants become sisters and reveal what is hidden. An invisible rainbow surrounds the visible one..."

Ernest Jünger

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