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skimming the earth

We will be touched not only by its magic or by the primordial force of its light, but also by the infinity of stories taken place over the course of the millennia and by the one we will be protagonists of, living it in first person, step by step. 

The mysterious beauty of the undulating horizon, flooded with light and moved by the wind, outspread around us in every direction.

This beauty has a variety of faces. For us it will not only be limited to landscape, but also to the knowledge of elements and the reading of the signs of man. An extended gaze inside a land in which we will allow ourselves to get lost whilst at the same time being embraced by its magic. Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo, San Quirico are just some of the stops on this itinerary with horizons blurred, just like the vapors of the thermal baths in which we will be immersed or the succession of their hills, which ridge after ridge roll towards infinity.


In these places some of the most beautiful and intense sequences of Oscar-winning films have been shot such as 8½, Gladiator, The English Patient and dozens of other films.


Val d’Orcia, an area of many ancient villages where nature, art, traditions, spas and culture give life to a unique area that has become a world heritage site both as a whole but also for some of its individual villages that have marked a decisive step in the history of thought and architecture as well as urban planning worldwide.

We will cross hills and meadows, spotting from afar the beautiful villages and as medieval and renaissance wayfarers we will lightly glide on the waves of the hills up to their doors, we will float on the volcanic waters that flow in magical and fairy-tale like places immersing ourselves in pools of thermal water in the presence of the “white whale” an imposing limestone formation from the mysterious and unknown charm. Waves of earth, water and light will caress our gaze and our pace, with sensations and stories that will regenerate our souls and bodies.

The proposed itinerary is for 7 days and has a ring structure but, in the nature and philosophy of our travel, each route can be modulated from 3 to more than 7 days according to your needs and the pace at which you want to retrace history.

Help us to best define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


Pienza -San Quirico - Santantimo - Terme Romane e Parco dei Mulini -Bagni Vignoni - San Filippo - Vivo d’Orcia -Radicofani - la Posta Medicea - (San Casciano dei Bagni) o Fontevetriana - (Riserva Naturale Pietraporciana e Poccerei lattaie) o Lucciolabella - Biancane - Monticchiello - Grotta del Beato (fiume Tresa)


From March to June

From September to November


"...I drank the silence of god at the spring of the earth..."

Georg Traki

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