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etruscans: merchants of history

A delicate landing into a path of many souls, letting us be led by the senses, by the slow passing of time and by the joy of “living the earth”: the greatest heredity passed down to us by the Etruscan people.


We will walk suspended between sky and sea along the path that the Etruscan merchants first and then later the medieval people travelled. From Volterra (Velàthri) to the sea, we will slowly immerse ourselves into other eras, and uncontaminated spaces, we will cross villages that float in time. We will listen to stories that the stones, the temples, the rivers and the gurgling of the earth bring to our senses, the heart of a civilization who gave importance to music, magic, games, entertainment and who recognized to women the same rights and duties of men.

A society with an enviable wine and food heritage, with a culture so modern that it will surprise you.


We will walk or pedal, with different stops and tracks through woods and unspoiled hills going back about 3000 years and, in each stage, we will be more and more involved in the rhythm, dances and customs of the fascinating Etruscan culture: capturing its visionary essence, the love for life and beauty, their dialogue with nature and all that their heirs, the Romans, did not seize. 

We will travel the road of this mysterious population bringing with us not just symbolically some alabaster to Populonia, ready to embark for Pergamenon or Carthage. We will cross villages suspended in time, taste ancient dishes with recipes handed down for millennia, immersing ourselves in waterfalls and rivers that have remained unchanged for centuries.

We will listen to the earth bubbling and to nature talking, discovering the magic and myths that for thousands of years man has been embroidering in the attempt to understand and tame the strength and beauty of the earth.


In the nature and philosophy of our travel, each route can be modulated from 2 to more days according to your needs and the pace desired in which you would like to immerse yourself in history.

Help us to define your trip by choosing the modality, intensity and atmosphere.


Volterra - Masso delle Fanciulle - Rocca Sillana - Valle del Diavolo - Sassetta - Monte Calvi - San Silvestro - Parco di Rimigliano -Baratti - Acropoli di Populonia - Rovine di San Quirico - Buca delle Fate


From April to July

From September to December


... Gliding over things from above, leaving behind the boulders ...

Italo Calvino

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